A tailored partnership to drive changes into your
organisational and information systems projects

A tailored partnership to support changes into your organisational and information systems projects.

The pragmatic approach of FINAO experts makes it possible to reveal the functional or dysfunctional setups of organizations, be they public administrations or private companies.

By conducting a contextual analysis, FINAO provides tailored, relevant and sustainable solutions in line with the values, mission, vision and human wealth of the organizations.

Customer references are upon request.

We assist you in the implementation of your strategic and complex projects, transforming your information systems and organisation as well.

Committed from beginning to end, we always deliver our services on time, from your strategic concept to operational implementation.

We are experts in the following areas:

  • Due diligence experts for Information Systems (Merge & acquisition)
  • Audit of Information System (Costs analysis, Governance and services catalogue)
  • Organisational audit 360 degree
  • Business Analysis (BA)
  • Programs and projects management