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FINAO The story


FINAO stands for Failure Is Not An Option. It is the book title by Gene KRANZ, a flight director and later leader at NASA, known for his role in the rescue of the Apollo 13 mission.

He narrates a heroic saga of NASA, detailing with realism the key steps that marked the implementation of this visionary project that revolutionized space exploration: man walked on the moon!

I identified with Gene KRANZ and his values: resilience, kindness, creativity, and enthusiasm. FINAO doesn't put people on the moon, but we often help our clients take significant steps and overcome decisive stages!

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Perspective & Objective

Our Perspective:

Creating inventive and context-specific connections by linking previously unrelated aspects among organizations, employees, and information systems.

Our Objective:

Unveiling the prevailing efficient or ineffective arrangement, furnishing tailored, pertinent, and enduring resolutions harmonising with the organization's values, mission, vision, and human capital.

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